Always keep 100% initiative

When is a man/woman old? Where does self-initiative stop and dependence begin?

With your own initiative, you take the initiative to take action yourself. Initiative (from Latin initium, 'beginning') is the impulse or the first step to an action. More broadly, initiative also refers to a person's ability to act on his or her own initiative, to make decisions or to display an entrepreneurial spirit. (Own initiative – Bing)

Prospectively, we know that the generation, which is currently advanced in old age, makes its decisions about the future much more independently. Rather precautions and even increasingly use social media to look for solutions for themselves. Here you will find your caregivers.

The old man from 20 years ago has changed. Isn't this already evident in the way the clothes are dressed? Is it reflected in many years of sporting activities?

Self-initiative for more Always keep 100% initiative 1 brain health

One of our clients won her last tennis match at the age of 90. It has achieved this on its own initiative. She tells of this experience with the greatest pride. People who keep themselves physically active for a long time may also be able to keep brain function fit for a long time. Through regular activity, the brain is properly supplied with oxygen and can thus promote self-initiative. An essential part of the proper supply of the brain, are also the right fatty acids. It is possible to measure the 11 essential fatty acids with a very simple test and to ensure that they are kept in balance in a controlled manner. Why is this so important?

The brain consists to a very large extent of fat. There are fats that promote inflammation and fats that have an inflammation-reducing effect on the cell membrane. If the pro-inflammatory fats outweigh the inflammation-reducing fats over a long period of time, then this can lead to deposits in the arteries. This is due to the degradation of proteins that attach to the inner walls of the arteries and thus reduce the lumen in the long term. There is a possibility to free these arteries again by balancing the fats in the body.

How can this be achieved?

First of all, it is recommended to perform a fatty acid test. This test should measure the proportions of fatty acid on the cell membrane. This is possible with a dry blood test. The fatty acids hanging on the cell wall are counted and thus the ratio to omega 6 : omega 3 fatty acids can be determined exactly. Since the DNA is designed for a ratio of 1:1, it would be recommended to achieve at least a value of 3:1. Unfortunately, in our society, the values are well over 17:1, which indicates a high indicator of inflammation at the cell membrane.

With the intake of an adeguat omega oil,which is carried with polyphenols, the fatty acids can reach balance within 4 months. It is important to constantly take the oil and not to interrupt after the four months and to follow old habits, because then the values will immediately fall back into the inflammatory area. You can now show initiative and take care of your fatty acids.

This is only a small part that each of us can do preventively to maintain brain health for a long time and also to inhibit degenerative situations in their speed ideally. Including a healthy and balanced diet, sufficient intake of water, the cells remain agile and healthy. Fatty acid balancing leads to long-term brain health. It counts your own initiative to keep yourself healthy and fit.

It is also recommended to study for life. People who are interested throughout their lives, are curious and eager to learn, thus challenge and promote their brain activity. It would be really interesting to observe study groups with different lifestyle habits. What are the differences between the different groups in the area of personal initiative? These activities of learning, or for example the execution of crossword puzzles, picture puzzles, gap texts, can also force brain activities.

These are the current old people, and the future ones, how will they be?

Physical and mental activities are mandatory for each of us. In any case, it would be very advantageous to succumb to any letargia and to lie motionless and motionless on the couch. Come on! Here is another tip for a feel-good kick VIVA

Always keep 100% initiative 2
Take your test if you need VIVA.

This increases the chance that a person who comes into advanced age will make precautionary decisions, prospectively for the future. They go online, look for solutions, activate themselves independently for their personal interests.

That is a wonderful development.

I take my hat off to you people.

Yours Esther Chapman